Soaring Eagle Award

Many Scouters make a significant impact to Scouting, but their service may not be well known throughout the district. Their work is important and directly affects the quality of scouting at all levels.  The Soaring Eagle Award recognizes Scouters who have excelled in service to Scouting.  Although consideration for the Soaring Eagle Award is primarily given to a Scouter’s service within a unit, service at the district level is also taken under consideration.

Tenure in a particular position alone does not qualify a nominee for this award.  This nomination form should answer the following questions. 

  1. What has the nominee done for their unit/district? 
  2. How has the nominee served youth in their unit/district? 
  3. How has the nominee served adults in their unit/district?

Nominees must be currently registered in Scouting and have completed all the training for their position.

Nomination Form


Describe your rationale for nominating this individual.  Your description will be read at the district dinner.


Nominator Information


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