RSVP for Camporee

Troop needs to pre-register with an estimated number of participants for planning purposes. Please let us know if this number changes significantly before the event as campsite assignments are made based on registration numbers. Additional Scouts and adults can be added. Every troop needs run a part of the camporee (e.g., competition), and help in other areas (e.g., registration, facilities, scoring). When pre-registerting,  list which events your troop is willing to help run at the camporee.


Troop Committee Chair

Troop Leader

List the adult leader in charge of the troop for the camp-o-ree, if it is not the Scoutmaster.

Estimated Registration Numbers

Please give us estimated numbers so we can assign campsites. The registration fee will be paid on Friday at check based on exact numbers. 


Every troop is expected to help at the camp-o-ree (e.g., run event, help at registration or facilities, run the campfire). 

This year's events will includes: 

  • Spider Web
  • Knot Bar
  • Tomahawks
  • Pioneering - Tallest Structure
  • Lashing - 7 knot tripod
  • Fire Building
  • First Aid
  • Tennis Ball Mania
  • Orienteering Course
  • Dutch Oven Cooking

Note in the comments if you have already volunteered to run a specific event. 

Provide a brief description of the competition event, demonstration and/or field games that your troop is willing to run.  

Include a list of any items that the participants will need to bring (e.g., ropes for knots, or kindling for fire building, ). Please attach a draft score sheet. Note: several troops may be assigned to work together to run events.


After hitting the submit button below, please allow about one minute for processing.  A message will then pop up letting you know your information was submitted.