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December 15, 2018

The highest rank and award in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light. The Soaring Eagle District Order of the Arrow chapter is conducting a special Arrow of Light ceremonies for fifth grade Webelos Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light. The Webelos den leader should sign up the Scouts for the ceremony.

The event is being held at Champion Forest Baptist Church (16518  Jersey Dr, Jersey Village, TX 77040). Check-in begins at 5:15 pm and the ceremony begins at 6:00 pm. For questions, contact Matthew Podraza.

This is the last ceremony that will be conducted in traditional Indian regalia.

The National Order of the Arrow Committee after months of collaborative work with ceremonialists and lodge leadership representatives announces the following policy change. This policy change will apply to ALL Order of the Arrow lodges and chapters. We know that lodges and chapters are frequently asked to perform Arrow of Light and crossover ceremonies for Cub Scout packs, which is an appropriate service in support of our packs. That said, we have had many complaints surrounding these ceremonies from various American Indian tribes due to the manner in which they are conducted as well as the inconsistent nature in which they are performed. Beginning January 1, 2019 lodges and chapters that are asked to conduct Arrow of Light or crossover ceremonies for Cub Scout packs will only be permitted to conduct them using the new approved official ceremonies which can be found in the OA Inductions Portal. These ceremonies are to be conducted in a Scout uniform and are no longer permitted to be done in American Indian regalia.  Source  

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December 15, 2018



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