Family of the Year Award

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The family is an important part of Scouting. Family support for each youth and adult ensures Scouting success.  Parents who volunteer as leaders provide vital support for their children, and the character development of Scouting’s youth make a parent’s job a bit easier and more fulfilling. The Family of the Year Award recognizes a family within the district who has made a significant contribution to their unit, community, and district.

Tenure in particular positions alone does not qualify a family for this award. This nomination form should answer the following questions.  

  1. What has this family done for their unit/community/district?  
  2. How has this family served youth and adults in their unit/community/district?
  3. How has this family exemplified the ideals of Scouting?

Nomination Form

I feel this family deserves this award because of the Scouting (and community) activities described. 


Briefly describe how each family member has contributed to the Scouting program in the Soaring Eagle District.


Nominator Information


After hitting the submit button below, please allow about one minute for processing.  A message will then pop up letting you know your information was submitted.