May 19-22, 2022

Bear Creek Park - Fox Ln. (directions)
Latitude, Longitude: 29°49'35.6"N, 95°37'51.6"W

Camporee is a weekend campout for troops. Individual patrols will compete in various competitions and are judged on leadership, teamwork, skill demonstration, and Scout spirit. Join us in a great Scouting tradition to experience the camporee. Camporee includes activities such as the spider web, knot bar, tomahawk throwing, lashing a seven-knot tripod, fire building, first aid, an orienteering course, Dutch oven cooking, and more.

There will also an Order of the Arrow call-out ceremony and closing campfire Saturday evening. Troops are responsible for their own food, medical forms/first aid, and camporee roster. 

This year the camporee will be held at the same location as Webelos Woods. The Webelos Scouts will be camping adjacent to the district camporee. This will allow the Webelos Scouts to observe the troops and see the troops in action. The Webelos Scouts will be participating in their own rank-appropriate activities.


Registration is done by the troop leadership. The registration fee is $11.50 for the first Scout and $10 for each additional Scout registered at the same time. Paid online with credit card or electronic check. Payment is due by 10/9/19. Onsite registration is $20 per Scout. Council refund policy

Registration opens in April.      Event Feedback


Every troop must send a representative to the October roundtable to help plan the camporee. This year’s camporee promises to challenge the youth leadership, as well as stretching everyone else’s comfort zones. These events cannot happen without each Scout’s competitive spirit and participation.


The event is being held inside Bear Creek Park (Fox Ln.). From US 290, take Sam Houston Tollway S​., exit Clay Rd​. Turn right on Clay Rd​, turn left on Bear Creek Dr.​ Make a left turn on to Fox Ln. Bear Creek Park is very large; use Latitude, Longitude: 29°49'35.6"N, 95°37'51.6"W to find the exact location.

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What to Bring

Personal (check with Scoutmaster):

  • Field uniform (Scout uniform) and belt 
  • Activity uniform (Scout t-shirt)
  • Clothing appropriate for weather
  • Shoes (closed-toe) or hiking boots 
  • Pajamas or sleeping clothes
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight and extra batteries 
  • Personal items (e.g., deodorant, comb, medications, toothpaste, toothbrush)
  • Water bottle (or canteen) and cup 
  • Pocket knife and Totin' Chip
  • Sleeping bag, blankets, sheet 
  • Pillow 
  • Cot or pad 
  • Personal first aid kit 
Mark all items with name and troop number.


  • Tents with ground cloth
  • Water containers for hauling water
  • Cooking gear and food: Saturday breakfast/dinner, non-cooking lunch; Sunday non-cooking breakfast
  • Duty roster and menu
  • First-aid kit
  • Trash bags
  • Patrol flag
  • Items for campsite inspection
  • Toilet paper
  • Wash soap for restrooms


  • BSA Annual Health and Medical Record 
    (part A&B for all Scouting events) for every participant (due at check-in)
  • Firewood, rakes and fire buckets; buckets and shovel to remove unused firewood

Don’t Bring: valuables, electronics (e.g., iPad), fireworks, sheath or hunting knives, pets, hammocks, personal firearms and ammunition, jewelry, personal bows and arrows, fuel-burning hand warmers 

Tentative Schedule


6:00 pm Troop arrival and check-in
9:00 pm Cracker Barrel for Scoutmaster and senior patrol leader (SPL) at fire ring
(bring chair, notetaking materials)


7:00 am Reveille
7:00 am Breakfast
7:15 am Event coordinator meeting at flagpole (Scoutmaster and senior patrol leader)
7:15 am Event setup by troops
7:15 am Order of the Arrow meeting
8:45 am Assembly at flagpole
9:00 am Opening ceremony and instructions
9:00 am Patrol competitions
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Patrol competitions
4:00 pm Competitions end
4:00 pm Sports / gaga ball / kickball / ultimate frisbee
4:00 pm Order of the Arrow and campfire team meeting
4:15 pm Webelos parents visit troops
5:00 pm Scoutmaster and SPL meeting at fire ring
6:00 pm Unit time / dinner and clean-up
7:30 pm Dutch oven competition dishes due
7:50 pm Assembly at flagpole
8:00 pm Shared desserts from dessert contest
8:15 pm Awards ceremony / campfire / Order of the Arrow call-out
9:00 pm Campfire cleanup
9:15 pm Scoutmaster and SPL cracker barrel
10:00 pm Lights out


7:00 am Reveille
7:15 am Assembly at flagpole
7:30 am Breakfast / breakdown campsite
9:00 am Interfaith service
9:15 am Retire flags
9:30 am Troops depart after campsite inspection
10:00 am Last troop leaves 

Interfaith Service

An interfaith service will be conducted for all participants on Sunday morning. An interfaith service is a brief worship or meditation, specifically designed for Scouting events where there may be members of more than one faith group. The intention of an interfaith service is to provide a spiritual focus during a camping experience that does not reflect the views of a particular denomination or faith. An interfaith service can be defined as a gathering of Scouts held to contribute to the development of their spirituality and to promote a fuller understanding of the Scout Oath and Law, with emphasis on one’s Duty to God. 

Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America. The Order of the Arrow recognizes Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. The Order of the Arrow provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well. Arrowmen are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting year-round and long-term resident camping, developing leaders, and providing cheerful service to others. OA service, activities, adventures, and training for youth and adults are models of quality leadership development and programming that enrich, support, and help to extend Scouting to America's youth.

Learn More About the OA

Cracker Barrel

A cracker barrel is an evening snack and time for fellowship with other Scouts or Scouters. The term cracker barrel is most thought to come from the time when people would shop at their local general store and gather around the cracker barrel to sit and visit with others in the community, much like the modern-day water cooler. The food is typically kept simple, such as cheese and crackers, summer sausage, chips and cookies. On campouts, many troops have a Friday night cracker barrel with the leaders and youth leadership to review the weekend schedule.

A cracker barrel will be held on Friday night at 9:30 pm. The Scoutmaster and SPL is invited to a special cracker barrel where last-minute information and changes will be communicated.  Please bring a cup and pen.

Late-Breaking Information

For late-breaking news and announcements, join our district Facebook page and sign up for our district e-mail list


Notice!  Please be advised that promotional videotaping/photography may be in progress at any time at an event. Your entrance constitutes your agreement that the district has the right to reproduce your likeness in videography/photography for promotion (e.g., publications, internet, newspaper).

Scouting Safely

Safety is Your Responsibility posterThe BSA's Commitment to Safety is ongoing and we want you to know that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees cannot be compromised. BSA Guide to Safe Scouting policies must be followed and all participants must follow youth protection guidelines at all Scouting events. Highlights include:

  • Two-deep leadership on all outings required.  
  • No one-on-one contact between adults and youth members. 
  • The buddy system should be used at all times. 
  • Discipline must be constructive.

Youth Protection Guidelines     Guide to Safe Scouting     Enterprise Risk Management


For questions, contact Matthew Podraza or the district activities chair.